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Membership LevelTeacher
First NameSherry
Last NameZwick
Email[email protected]
Address 12578 Enterprise Rd. #132
CityOrange City
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code32763
Phone Number3862339950
Cell Phone3216951703
Fax Number3862339950
How did you hear about SARA?Animal Reiki Source
I have my own Reiki businessYes
Business NameSherry Lorenz Zwick (new website being built)
Business Website
Business Phone3216951703
Business Address2578 Enterprise Rd. #132
Business CityOrange City
Business CountryUnited States
Business StateFL
I am an employee or volunteer at an organization providing care to animals in needYes
Organization Nameseveral, primarily at FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital rescues and hospital
Organization Address115 E Euclid Ave DeLand, FL 32724
Organization CityDeland
Organization CountryUnited States
Organization StateFL
Reiki Training LevelReiki Master/Teacher
Reiki 1 Class Name and LineageTrained in all levels with Peggy Rometo in 2017 Usui System & Johrei Reiki
Reiki 1 Teacher and Business NameTrained in all levels with Peggy Rometo in 2017
Reiki 1 Class Completion DateFebruary 28, 2017
Reiki II Class Name and LineageTrained in all levels with Peggy Rometo in 2017 Usui System & Johrei Reiki
Reiki II Teacher and Business NameTrained in all levels with Peggy Rometo in 2017
Reiki II Class Completion DateApril 7, 2017
Reiki III Class Name and LineageTrained in all levels with Peggy Rometo in 2017 Usui System & Johrei Reiki
Reiki III Teacher and Business NameTrained in all levels with Peggy Rometo in 2017
Reiki III Class Completion DateAugust 28, 2017
Animal Reiki Practitioner Course NameAnimal Reiki Core Curriculum
Animal Reiki Teacher and BusinessKathleen Prasad
Animal Reiki Course City, State, Countryonline by zoom
Animal Reiki Course Completion DateFebruary 7, 2018
Other Animal Reiki Course Name and LineageLevel 3 and Teacher Training
Other Animal Reiki Course Teacher and Business NameKathleen Prasad
Other Animal Reiki Course City, State, CountryLevel 3 many times in FL, and NY
Other Animal Reiki Course Completion DateMay 19, 2019
What is your number one reason for wanting to join SARA?Like commitment to pro bono work with rescued animals and those needing adoption. Shared experiences and ideas, training. Stay up to date and in connection with the world of Animal Reiki.
Have you been trained in the Let Animals Lead® (LAL) method?Yes
Please describe in detail your experience (if any) with offering Animal Reiki to rescued animalsSanctuaries, rescues and the vet's rescues and other animals in hospital. OMG, how much space do I have??!! Up until Covid-19, I was at the vet's almost daily with rescues - dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, iguanas, snakes, ducks, chickens. Then other times at a farm animal rescue, another at farm animal sanctuary, another at wild animal rescue and another at end of life rescue. Totally awe-inspiring and life-changing for me and the animals. Adoption got much easier for those up for a forever home.
How do you use physical touch in a session? If you do not use physical touch, please share your philosophySame philosophy as LAL - let the animals lead and if they want touch, they will indicate that they do and where. Otherwise, I let them be.
Please explain a little about where your mental focus is during a session with an animalLet me be of service
I dedicate the energy of this meditation to....
Reiki space and invitation
Go inward and then out to the universe
Holding Space
What role does meditation play in your practice? It's all about meditation and allowing and inviting and letting it be.
Do you use other modalities in conjunction with your animal reiki sessions such as Animal Communication, chakras or crystals?No
As a member of SARA, are you willing to donate a percentage of your class proceeds to the shelter where you will be teaching in accordance with SARA’s Policy?Yes
How will you support SARA and our mission throughout the next year?Continue what I'm doing, classes, Reiki shares and donations to the facility. And with the vets, it is probono and any paid classes donate to their angel fund to support care of rescues - they don't turn any away.

Continue with free classes, presentations and Reiki shares.

Everything has SARA info and I tell about SARA in Classes.
Are you willing to give free presentations and/or informal talks about SARA and the Let Animals Lead® method of offering Reiki to Shelters, Sanctuaries, Veterinary Clinics and/or other animal organizations (ie - Therapy & Service animal organizations)?Yes
Are you willing to support SARA fundraisers through purchasing products, sharing fundraiser information or creating your own fundraiser?Yes
Are you willing to help SARA in other capacities?Yes
Do you have skills that could benefit our organization?No
If you have any, please share with us up to three of your favorite testimonials from clients, students and or animal organizations. We would like to share these to help raise awareness!I do and at some point can put them together and make available---likely after I do so for my website update.
Electronic SignatureSherry Lorenz Zwick
Additional InformationLet me know what's membership expires May 9

AWESOME and I love it. Foundation for my life and makes a huge difference for me, my own animals and others.
User IDSherry Zwick
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